Securely connect, process, store, analyze and fuse data streams both at the edge and in the cloud.

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~ Platform Features ~

ISO/IEC 17789
Pay as you Go
Big Data Services
GeoData Catalogs
Digital Twin

Open Architecture
Smart Contracts
Gateway Appliance
Business Integration
Historical Query

~ Smart Solution for a Smarter Country ~

Smart City
(Restaurants, Schools, Stations, ...)
Smart Health
(Hospitals, Ambulances, Incident, ...)
Smart Insurance
(Cross Vertical, Context, Climate, ...)
Smart Environement
(Humidity, Population, Temprature, ...)
Smart Energy
(Capacity, Utilization, Loss, ...)
Global Monitoring
(Up time, Response time, ...)

Smart Agriculture
(PH, Water, Weather, ...)
Disaster Management
(Fire Stations, Vehicles, Disasters, ...)
Smart Supply Chain
(Provenance, Logs, ...)
Smart Navigation
(GPS, Time, Context, ...)
Smart Manufacturing
(Inventory, Environment, Incidents, ...)
Smart Metering
(Electricity Meter, Water Meter, ...)

Smart Garbage Collection
(Capacity, Time, ...)
Smart Business
(Crowd, Customers Connectivity,...)
Smart Transportation
(GPS, Crowd, Traffic, Fuel, Speed, ...)
Smart Livestock/Farming
(GPS, Resources, Conditions,...)
Smart Lightening
(Time, Power, Context, ...)
Smart Home
(Lights, Doors, Air Conditions, ...)

Smart Pets
(Conditions, Activity, ...)
Smart Logistics/Inventory
(Path, Conditions, Capacity ...)
Smart Shopping/Marketing
(Crowd, Shops, Ads, ...)
Connected Car
(Oil, Speed, Services, ...)
Smart Security
(Polices, Reports, Alarms, Crimes, ...)
Smart Parking
(Parking Meter, Parking Location, ...)

~ A Simple - Real-World Use Case ~

The use case here is about the air quality sensosrs which are installed in some stations around the Tehran.
The Observations are stored in the faracloud at desired intervals and later can be retrieved to deveople smart contextualized applicationss aware of air quality index (AQI).

~ Realtime Monitoring ~